Alexsis de Raadt-St. James
Founder and Executive Director

Alexsis is an experienced business executive, investor and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. She is the founder and managing partner of Merian Ventures, a US and UK venture-investment firm. She is also founder and chairman of The Althea Foundation, a social-venture fund in San Francisco and London she established in 2003.

Merian Ventures partners with exceptional female entrepreneurs who are driven to building competitive and profitable companies where women are pioneering innovation in fintech, consumer, mobile and cyber security. The focus on female entrepreneurs is more than a social statement. It is a clear objective to find and fund the rise in female-led innovation that has been largely overlooked by the investment community.

The Althea Foundation funds new initiatives and established organizations it believes could benefit from additional financial help to ensure their continued success and impact. Its mission is to serve not only as a provider of capital but also a valued business partner. The Foundation and it's initiatives have received recognition from The White House, Scotland Yard, Ministry of Defense (UK) and funding from The Clinton Global Initiative, The Kauffman Foundation, The Marriott Foundation and many other foundations and corporations.

Prior to creating Merian Ventures and The Althea Foundation, Alexsis held leadership roles with companies she funded or founded, senior executive roles in YBA Ventures, Commerce One, Shell International in London and Holland where she served in a number of management positions, including director of M&A, treasury advisor and pension-fund manager.

Alexsis is a frequent speaker and author on philanthropy, business, investing and the role of women in entrepreneurship and technology. Alexsis has been a featured presenter and contributor on CNN, the United States Military Academy (West Point), the Milken Institute, the Smith Institute, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has also been published in The Economist, MIT Magazine and the Financial Times. She serves on the US-UK Fulbright Commission, leadership board of The Osher Center (University of California Medical School, San Francisco) and the advisory board of Caplinked, CirrusIdentity and Oorja. Alexsis has an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology an MBA from Erasmus University, Holland and a BA from the University of Texas, Austin.